Angels & Elementals

Certified Card Reader

        Nature's Angels protect the animals and plants

Elementals are those beings who watch over the Earth, the Air, the Waters, and Fire. They heal, protect, and love all of nature and want to help us as well!

Fairies are elemental. They can have wings either like that of a dragonfly or a butterfly. They protect nature and the animals. They are unlike angels in that they do have egos. They are, however, loving and willing to help and can even assist us with our material needs or worries. Fairies do expect for us to do our part, such as being kind to the animals and the environment. 

To connect with elementals, go out in nature. Speak to them, introduce yourself, and ask if you can see them. You can ask aloud or in your thoughts. When you do encounter an elemental, if you would to photograph them, ask permission. Always say thank you.

Fairies, for instance, will most likely be found in natural settings, such as among wild foliage. Normally they will appear on your photographs as pink, green, or purple orbs.  And, yes, they also like shiny objects as gifts.

                           Some of my favorite Oracle cards

         The Elementals Also Want Us To Have Fun 


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