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I am Laura, and I live in a small coastal town on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Several years ago, like many, I left a career, and the fast-paced lifestyle with it, in favor of a quiet life.  Today, I frequently visit the beach with my two small dogs. As much as I enjoy the ocean, I am also drawn to trees and enjoy spending quiet time in any natural surrounding.

In late 2014, I began writing romance and fantasy novellas. I soon found that most of my stories had a touch, an element if you will, of spirituality. I soon began to feel a draw to work with Oracle and Tarot Cards and found I was led to this as a means to tap into messages brought to me. I  receive messages and guidance from my spirit guides, and the angels, as God wills. 

With knowledge of both Oracle and Tarot, along with tapping into my higher self, my intuition, I have insightful readings.  While I do not use cards as prediction, I find they provide guidance to help one see where they currently are, and in doing so, with ones free will, can better align themselves with their purpose. 

I love the Angels and the Elementals. I believe in one's ability to see, feel the presence of, speak with, and interact with both.  

  Angel Intuitive

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The readings offered are intended as a helpful tool, and it is my belief that the cards can show a window into areas of concern or where one may be blocked. Often they can assure you are on the right path as well. The reading can assist in helping to make an informed decision. It is important to remember, though, that we all have free will; therefor em the reading is not a prediction, as much as it is helpful guidance. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to create their future.

I use many different decks for my readings, though I nearly always use the Doreen Virtue Oracle Cards, as I feel the positive energy with these. On occasion, such as doing a larger card spread, I will use the Angel or Fairy Tarot decks for readings.  I choose the deck that I feel drawn to prior to the session. 

All readings will be personally done and then e-mailed to you at the address you provide. The reading will be sent in an attached document, along with an image of your cards. You can expect your reading within two working days of your request, the question you would like answered, and the accompanying payment.

*All readings must be pre-paid through PayPal. After purchasing the reading of your choice, please make note of your question in the Paypal message, or note if you would like a general reading. I so look forward to being of service, with the hope to provide you with helpful insight.

                             * Please read the disclaimers at the bottom of this page before purchasing.   

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                               Types of Readings 


   One card Reading

  Three card reading

   Six card reading

   Ten card reading

Can give you some insight into a particular question. 

It can also help to see what it is that you may need to know at this time. 

Can give you an idea of the immediate past and how it may be influencing the question or situation at hand, the present and how it is being experienced, as well as the most likely outcome if the situation were to continue as is, without any change being made. 

Like the three cards, this spread can give you an idea of the immediate past, the present, and the future. It will, however, give even deeper insight since two separate decks are used. It can show how the past may be influencing the question or situation at hand. The present is shown, along with how it is being experienced, as well as the most likely outcome if the situation were to continue as is, if no change is made.

This reading can tell a deeper story in that it will relay the present moment, be it a person or concern in the question, as well as show the block or challenge to it. The foundation, the recent past, and the present is shown, as well as the near future. You will see what is considered to be the power in a situation. It will help identify how others have an effect on the situation. The hope and/or fear is discovered and the likely outcome, if no change is made.

                                              You can choose

If you feel your own personal draw, you may request I use an Angel or an Elementals theme deck. For instance, perhaps you feel closeness to the Angels or maybe it is the Mermaids or Fairies that resonate with you. If so, when you purchase a reading, just make a note of your preference. If none is made, I will choose as I am guided. Thank you.  



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* Disclaimer: I cannot diagnose, offer treatment, or advise on health care issues. I am neither a medical physician nor a medical intuitive. The information you receive is not intended to replace any type of professional medical treatment. One should always consult their medical doctor or other medical professional.  If you have, or wish to inquire, about a health issue or concern, you should seek assistance from a Healthcare Professional. 

* Disclaimer:  I cannot offer legal or financial advice.

*By purchasing a reading, you agree to and understand that there is no way to guarantee the accuracy. Also please note that my intuitive readings should be used for entertainment purposes only. 

*You must be 18 years of age or older to obtain service. 

*I cannot perform a service on behalf of another, for privacy concerns, without that person’s consent.

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